4 Times over 700 mls 8 times over 600 miles, Much has been written about this great racing machine that performed taking prizes often Back to Back at National level from middle distance against top sprint widow cocks I may add at 370 miles, 438 miles 596mls. 703 mls 815mls and 842 miles Barcelona.
Indeed in her racing career she flew 3 times Spain to Grimsby including, 1ST Section 46th open Palamos 815 miles the only bird in race time in the section. 2nd section 68th open Palamos 815 miles 3rd sec 55th open Barcelona 842 miles. What makes the results more amazing we give up to 253 miles overfly in some of these races. Her other results include 39th open 4th sec Nantes 438 mls. 3RD Section 133rd open Bordeaux 596mls. 9th sec 283rd open Bordeaux 596miles.195th open 54th sec Le Ferte Bernard 370 mls. 33rd sec, 604th open Pau 703 mls. 24th N.E. 700 mile club Pau 703mls.For good measure she also scored inland at Portland 228 miles.Lona also won the trophy for the furthest flying bird in race time from the Palamos national twice.However and maybe more importantly her children are breeding winners all over uk and abroard we have had 14 first prizewinners  reported to date off one off her direct daughters namely 100,interestingly enough you could fit 100 in a pint glass.Lona has figured in many top racing performances recently including 1st open scottish national Falaise for Gilmour Brothers 522 miles with Robbies boy, Also in the breeding of G.Persion &Son 1st club 1st fed 21st up north combine Bourges 539 miles on the day.Also in the breeding off Dickson & Fulton  of Ireland 3rd open  nipa Tabenny 197 miles 14.998 birds and 44th open Kings cup Vannes 495 miles on the day and many other prizes for sammy.She is also responsible for many other winners including our latest performers ie Dorothy.